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Do you own a car, bakkie, minivan, kombi, caravan, boat, yacht or any other vehicle that is fully paid and need a loan? A secured loan from Lamna may be the option and all you have to do to apply is visit the website and complete a short form giving as much information as possible about the vehicle that you would like to loan against. A consultant will contact you during office hours to discuss your loan options and make a loan offer. If you would like to proceed with the loan then you will need to make an appointment for your vehicle to be appraised when a final offer will be made. Once you have accepted the offer and with the right documents your loan could be paid to you the same day via EFT and your vehicle will be stored securely until your loan has been repaid plus interest and fees.

As a registered financial services provider in South Africa you are guaranteed responsible lending practices with no hidden fees and wherever possible they will do their best to help. Along with loans against vehicles Lamna also offer loan options against other assets of value including property, art, diamonds, gold, antiques, luxury watches and more. There are no credit checks required or banks involved to get a loan and anyone can apply simply and securely online in just a few minutes.

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cash cloud south africa
Not able to open a bank account because you are a foreigner and non-resident in RSA? Own a business and need a solution for payroll payments? CASHCLOUD may be able to help you and offer secure and affordable banking for all in South Africa. CASHCLOUD is accepted worldwide and enables you to withdraw cash and make POS purchases anywhere. Withdraw cash at any ATM locally or internationally at the lowest fixed rates. Bank online and buy prepaid airtime, data and electricity directly from your phone.
CashCloud does not offer credit cards or loans, they offer a prepaid card with banking services. You cannot apply for credit and will not be granted a loan.



rcs card south africa
Want to go shopping at one of South Africa's largest stores on credit? An RCS Store Card could be the solution for you and offers a line of revolving credit which you can spend at RCS partner stores around the country. The card and account offers a range of features including easy repayment terms of 24 and 36 months, additional cards for friends and family, SMS notifications, customer protection insurance, up to 55 days interest free, access to cash if needed and more. If you need extra spending money for household or business expenses or want to buy something you can't afford in cash then why not see if you qualify for and RCS Store Credit Card today.

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