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Want to apply for a credit card today? We are here to help you compare options and find a credit card in South Africa easily. Don't forget that if you have credit problems, are unemployed or blacklisted that a prepaid credit card may be an option. A prepaid card is just like any other credit card though no credit checks, proof of employment or deposit are required to open an account. You can use your card online, at the ATM or to shop at your local store, the only difference being you cannot get into debt. Visit the Prepaid Cards page for more information, find the right card(s) and sign up free.


payeer south africa
Payeer is a good choice for anyone looking for an online money transfer system and allows you makes payments to people around the world using just their email address or contact number, no Payeer account required. Along with the money transfer service you can receive both personal and business payments with integrated payment solutions as well as receive payments in different currencies including Bitcoin and spend it online worldwide using a prepaid virtual MasterCard. No credit checks or employment checks are required to open an account though you will have to verify your account with valid identification documents.



game card south africa
Want to go shopping at one of South Africa's largest stores on credit? A Game Store Card could be the solution for you and offers revolving credit of up to R50 000 which you can spend at Game Stores around the country. The card and account offers a range range of features including easy repayment terms of 24 and 36 months, additional cards for friends and family, SMS notifications, customer protection insurance and cheaper extended warranties. If you need extra money for household expenses, business expenses or want to buy something expensive that you can't afford to buy in cash then why not see if you qualify for Game Credit today.

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